A week ago Roskomnadzor sent Apple a request to remove Telegram from the App Store catalog – this is one of the steps to blocking the messenger in Russia. Nevertheless, Apple and Google have not yet complied with the requirement of the authorities.

According to an attorney representing the interests of Telegram in court, the decision of Apple and Google may be influenced by appeals from human rights organizations, some of which were already presented last week to Tim Cook and the head of Google. According to him, in the next few days, several other similar organizations are preparing their collective appeal.

Previously, to remove prohibited applications, Roscomnadzor was enough for 1-2 days – for example, in 2015, extremist content from the App Store and Google Play disappeared the day after the agency announced its decision. The removal of the LinkedIn mobile client did not take much time either, because the social network management refused to comply with the requirements of the domestic legislation on the transfer of servers with the data of Russian users to the territory of the country.

As a result, Apple and Google will go with the application Telegram in the Russian App Store and Google Play is still unclear. In fact, both companies are required to comply with the laws of the country where they work, but there are too many questions in this matter.

The Telegram X application has been removed from the App Store

The Telegram X application has been removed from the App Store. The messenger came unavailable shortly after the Tagansky court in Moscow decided to block the service on the territory of Russia.


It is noteworthy that the application was not available not only in the Russian App Store but also in the American store. Whether Roskomnadzor is related to this is not reported. Administration Telegram also does not comment on what happened.

The main application Telegram is still available in the App Store, including in the Russian store.

How to quickly reset an iPhone or iPad password

Telegram X is the official alternative application for iOS. It’s entirely written on Swift, it works much faster, even friendlier to the battery of your phone, there is support for those.

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