Why do not consumers want to buy an iPhone X?

Analysts of the consulting firm Piper Jaffray revealed three main reasons why consumers refuse to buy the iPhone X. During the survey, more than 1,500 people were interviewed, the testimony of which formed the basis for far-reaching, at least Apple’s conclusions.

Representatives of the largest group of respondents (44%) said that they were not updated only because they did not find any real significant innovations in the “ten”. All of them, as one, noted that they are satisfied with their current iPhone and will prefer not to change it until a real revolution happens.

The second most common cause, which prevented the purchase of the iPhone X, was its high price. The high cost of the flagship model was cited by 31% of respondents. According to them, in the modern world, when technologies are becoming more affordable, a smartphone should not cost that much money.

Finally, the third largest group of participants in the experiment chose not to buy the iPhone X because of the small screen. Their needs, as analysts found, correspond only to the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus. If the rumors are confirmed, this category of respondents will be able to buy a smartphone of the appropriate size already in September.

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