One of the largest retail chains Walmart recently launched several projects to create supermarkets of the future. They will be able to buy the necessary goods without all the “favorite” attributes of such institutions: queues, cashiers and a huge crowd of people near the shelf with the right product. Moreover, the mass introduction of such technologies is planned in the very near future.

The first interesting project of Walmart is Store No. 8, in which in New York launched a store where you can make purchases using chatbot. From the supermarket assortment in chatbot, you can choose the necessary products, which will be prepared specially for you. Then you can come and just pick up everything you need, if you want, by purchasing something else. The store will operate the technology of object recognition, which is designed to keep track of what you put in the bag, after which the robot will automatically read the number of purchases from your account.

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Another project is a startup called Busy NYC Moms. The main audience of this store should be rich moms from New York and just people who have little free time to go shopping. The service will be able to send customers a message with a detailed description of the goods and to make a purchase you will simply need to reply to the message. In addition, you can independently send a request for the product of interest, the presence or absence of which the client will be informed. Then it will be enough just to arrange the delivery.

Now the services work for free and some people respond to some of the messages, but eventually, chatbots will become completely independent, and the service will work by subscription. On the cost of the service at the moment nothing is reported.

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