The new iMac Pro is very difficult to repair

The new iMac Pro, whose retail price starts at 380 thousand rubles, will be extremely difficult to repair in case of failure of any details. To this conclusion came the engineers iFixit, awarded the top monoblock on the results of the dismantling of 3 points on the scale of maintainability. iMac Pro

The first thing that catches your eye after opening the back of the computer is a massive cooler with a pair of fans, note iFixit. It occupies most of the space, which in the models of the standard line was allocated for the hard disk, more effectively cooling the internal components. iMac Pro

This benefits the changed internal device. The need to place components as tightly as possible to each other led to difficulties in accessing the memory slots, and the soldered graphics card made it impossible to replace it. This is clearly not what the owner of the workstation is expecting for $ 5,000.

Fortunately, when Intel Xeon processor W-2145 was placed in Cupertino, we decided to do without soldering, which testifies to the theoretical possibility of replacing it. There is also a coprocessor T2, a successor to the first generation T chip, which is equipped with the MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar.

As the display matrix used panel LM270QQ1 manufactured by LG. A similar solution is equipped with a standard iMac 5K. True, there is no question of any interchangeability of speech. Shifted cables and a webcam prevent the iMac Pro display from being replaced by a display of your iMac 5K.

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