Soon Instagram will not be distinguished from the messenger

Developers of the social network Instagram, in addition to video calling, are planning to add voice calls to the application with the same name. Corresponding references were found by TechCrunch readers when they studied the beta version of the mobile client.

The introduction of the function of voice and video calls will finally erase the line between standard instant messengers and Instagram. Thus, developers will be able to attract new users and make the old ones interact more actively with the application, not only by viewing the tape.

The possibility of verbal communication within the framework of a social network intended for the publication of photo and video recordings was originally proposed by Snapchat developers. The service received support for video calls back in 2014, improving it in 2016. It’s amazing that the first attempt to adapt the same idea to the creators of Instagram came just now.

Previously, Instagram, however, made a very strange step, highlighting the built-in instant messenger in a standalone Direct application, which is now available in several countries around the world. With its help, users can exchange text messages and media files, getting the opportunity to use the main Instagram client only for the purpose.

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Instagram will have video calls

Developers Instagram test the function of video calls for the social network of the same name. The corresponding innovation was found in the preliminary version of the application for the iOS platform by the authors of the blog @WABetaInfo, which they did not fail to tell their readers on Twitter.

The video call icon appeared in the messages section, suggesting that the developers are planning to upgrade Instagram status from the social network to show photos and videos to a full messenger capable of competing with WhatsApp and Telegram.

It is reported that, despite the presence in the interface of the key for video call, this function remains inactive even for participants of the pre-test program. It is possible that it will be launched later, after the establishment of an appropriate infrastructure.

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