If you are a long time registered in a popular social network, for example in Instagram, then you definitely already have a lot of subscribers. And what can you tell about them? If you only know how many of your “followers” are, then probably not much. This problem is trying to solve the analytical Internet service SocialRank. After the successful launch of a similar program for Twitter microblogging a year ago, the views of analysts rushed to Instagram.

How does it work? Yes, it’s very simple. Log in to your Instagram account and SocialRank will provide you with a report that allows you to sort subscribers by social status or search for the necessary keywords in their profiles. Apparently so detailed analysis of subscribers is not necessary for everyone, but if you, for example, an ambitious artist trying to find like-minded people or a parent who wants to know who exactly communicates with your child, then SocialRank will definitely not just need you, but it is also very useful.

Alex Taub, co-founder of the company, says that he plans to make the company a global reference for your social subscribers. Data on them can be used quite productively. For example, the Red Cross similarly called for donors of a certain group to donate blood.

Thus, despite the presence of a large number of serious social analytical services on the market, including the business level, SocialRank has a good chance of becoming popular with the broad masses of users due to its simplicity.

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