On February 2, two employees of the Hong Kong Apple Store were hospitalized with suspicion of a violation of the function of the upper respiratory tract, caused by smoke emanating from a damaged iPhone battery. This is reported today by the business newspaper South China Morning Post, citing sources in law enforcement agencies in Hong Kong.

As the correspondents of the newspaper note, the smoke was docked in the shortest time even before the arrival of the special services, without demanding an emergency evacuation. No visitor at the same time was hurt, which can not be said about the staff of the store. “Two employees who were in close proximity to a damaged battery later complained of poor health,” police officials said.

Similar situations have already occurred in the past. Only in January, a smoke-free battery caused the evacuation of at least two Apple Store customers – in Switzerland and Spain . An analysis of the situation, conducted by experts of special services, showed that the smoke was caused by a chemical reaction that occurred due to violations of the integrity of the battery.

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