The mobile platform of Apple and the entire ecosystem around it, as you know, are advantageously different from their competitors with an increased level of security: a strict check of applications that tag in the App Store, strict limitations of operating programs in the operating system, regular automatic backup of data to the “cloud” and other features make iOS is convenient and safe to use. But only so long as your tasks do not go beyond the built-in functions and services: if you have atypical needs to rely entirely on the nominal functionality of the iPhone will not work.

However, which did not bother to implement Apple, it was picked up by third-party developers, offering their solutions literally for all occasions: from safe access to the Internet and protect photos from other people’s eyes, to encrypt phone conversations and search for the missing phone. Last week we did a review of secure messengers, and today we decided to compile a small selection of applications that will provide comprehensive protection for both the smartphone itself and its contents.

For the sake of justice, it should be noted that the mobile OS of Apple does not stand still and with every serious update, it grows more and more protective functions. I’m sure the output of iOS 8 will not be an exception, so some of the programs listed below may lose their relevance. But, one way or another, to pay attention to them is already now.

A rare overview of useful security applications does without this password manager. That, however, is not surprising: 1password is one of the most popular, powerful and convenient programs for generating and storing access codes. And it’s not just about passwords, but also about credit cards, bank accounts, documents – in general, almost any textual information that you want to keep locked up. Access to all data is carried out according to the master password – the only code that you have to memorize by heart and which is best not to compromise.

Despite the fact that in this case we are talking about an application for the iPhone, 1password has a client for any popular platform. Moreover, the content of these clients can be synchronized, which is very convenient. True, you will have to pay for it with tangible money: a client for a smartphone alone costs 300 rubles, while desktop versions will cost much more. On the one hand, the program is so convenient that it does not pity money. On the other hand, the developers of the service have a disgusting habit: ask for money for each new version of the program

A few years ago, it was impossible to count on the return of the lost iPhone with its own resources, since it was not possible to calculate the direction in which the device left due to the attached legs. Today, everything is different: if you have the Find My iPhone installed on the missing smartphone, then the probability of determining its location is significantly increased


Philips is known for its innovations in the field of home comfort and arrangement of human life. And in recent years, the company has paid special attention to the integration of their inventions with mobile devices, in particular, with the iPhone. A good example is the Philips Leash device, which is a small keychain with a Bluetooth transmitter inside. It works very simply. After the standard “pairing” procedure, the devices are in constant communication with each other: as soon as the distance between the key fob and the smartphone exceeds a certain value, the application starts signaling. Thus, if you attach the keychain to the keys or put it in your wallet pocket, it will be extremely difficult to lose them.

There are, however, several shortcomings in this solution. First, the size of the key fob is relatively large, which is dictated by the presence of a built-in battery. Secondly, when the application is completely free of charge, the Bluetooth device itself is not cheap: the recommended price of Philips Leash is about 2000 rubles. On the other hand, the loss of a wallet or keys can turn into a much more serious waste.


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