rOS – the new operating system from Apple?

Glasses of augmented reality, which, according to rumors, Apple is currently working on, will become an independent device with a unique version of the OS on board. According to colleagues from the English-language edition of Ai, the new platform will be called rOS (r- reality?) And will be presented in 2020. At the same time, according to information from open sources, the release of the headset is scheduled.

It is reported that the upcoming glasses, codenamed “T288”, will continue the tradition of Apple Watch and will receive not only its own software platform but also unique hardware stuffing. This creates additional obstacles for the company and forces several groups of specialists to work in a very aggressive mode, ready to begin testing the prototype as early as 2019.

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The development process is still at the stage when in Cupertino they do not really know what type of management the future product will have. One of the possible options for interaction, considered by the company, is the touch navigation panel on the shackle. It is also possible that verbal contact with the device is completely eliminated when the voice remains the only way to control.

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