How popular were Mac computers in 2017

Apple became the fourth largest computer manufacturer in the world by the end of 2017, increasing sales of the Mac to 20 million devices. The corresponding report was placed by Gartner, IDC analysts confirmed the information.

According to experts, Apple shipped 19.6 million Mac last year, which allowed it to bypass Acer and take fourth place. Up to three leaders who sell PC, the company is still far away: HP, which is in the first place, sold almost 59 million computers, and Dell (the third line) – about 42 million devices.

However, 2017 was not a record for Apple in terms of sales of computers – in 2014 and 2015, its performance was even higher, but in 2016, sales of the Mac slipped a bit. In part, the technological giant owes its success to competitors, many of whom lost significant market shares last year.

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Apple will report on the results of last year on February 1 – then the company will accurately report how many Mac computers it managed to sell. As a rule, the actual data are even higher than those calculated by analysts

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