How to play modern games on the Mac?

Over the years, many people are of the opinion that games and Mac computers are incompatible concepts, and this position has its share of truth. Game studios seem to deliberately bypass the Mac side, releasing the coolest releases either on PCs or on consoles, and this despite the fact that technically modern computers Apple are able to “pull” even a resource-intensive game. Nevertheless, Macs are becoming an increasingly popular tool for work, and from work, as you know, sometimes you need to rest.

How to solve the problem with the lack of a lot of interesting games on the Mac? Someone is limited to available applications in the Mac App Store – it’s true, once you look at the top games in this store, to understand: there’s nothing to catch there. Others install an additional virtual machine on Windows on the computer, but there are two problems:

  • Games on a virtual machine require a powerful “iron”
  • Even with sufficient power, resource-intensive games can hang, the free space on the drive is wasted

Another option is to buy a powerful PC for gaming needs. This is the best way, but very expensive (a couple of hundred thousand rubles a minimum). Especially such gaming is limited only by domestic conditions.

An interesting way out of the situation offered a cloud-based game platform Playkey : it allows you to play games on the Mac, even if they are not originally intended for Apple computers. The most important thing is that you do not need to download and install games (as a consequence – do not take up disk space). Simply enough, when the Internet is connected, launch the Playkey client and after a few seconds already enjoy the game.

How it works? The term “cloud” platform means that all “magic” occurs on a remote server – in this case, hundreds of powerful servers (in Moscow, London, Frankfurt), which are specifically designed to handle large amounts of graphics. In simple terms, Playkey provides a remote gaming computer that transmits a video stream to your Mac. For a comfortable game enough Internet speed 5-10 megabits / sec.

The very idea of creating remote gaming computers is not new, but before that everything stuck in the absence of a stable and fast Internet connection. And do not say that the games of that time were worth so much to bother. And now available and action games like GTA V and PUBG, and the same racing game F1 with the popular MMO WAR THUNDER.

What games can I play?

Playkey supports most modern games, including all the ones mentioned above. In the range of the cloud-based gaming platform DAYZ, DIRT 4, ASSASSIN’S CREED, SYBERIA, WARHAMMER 40,000 and many other masterpieces of the game art. Previously, you only had to dream about running these games on the Mac, and now everything takes just a few seconds. You can play as in the mode of a separate window (suddenly the boss will see), and “stretch” the whole screen – as you want.

Most games require accounts in modern gaming services such as Steam, or Uplay – they do not even have the most inveterate gamer, besides they are created completely free of charge. If you need a special key for the game, it is bought at the same time as in the mentioned shops, and here, on Playkey. “Pirates” do not like here.

How to start playing?

To start playing for free, just create an account in Play key , download and install the client on the computer, and then select one of the available demo games. Among the latter – HITMAN, MAFIA III, DISHONORED 2 and others.

All games are already pre-installed on the server, so the wait for the download is minimal (nothing is downloaded or installed). Games are available in Full HD resolution, up to 60 FPS. You can independently test the gameplay on your Mac, then choose a tariff that gives you access to the rest of the games and save the game process.

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