Xiaomi Corporation has released new virtual reality glasses Mi VR 2. This headset has an attractive appearance, high quality and a small price ($ 14-25). And what else is needed for good budget points VR?

The headset is quite sparse. In the original packaging, there is a VR helmet, a passport, and instructions to it, as well as a remote control. Other accessories need to be bought separately.

Design of a helmet

Helmet Xiaomi mi vr 2 looks very stylish and quite beautiful: the outer part is made of white plastic, very pleasant to the touch. On the case, there are black plastic inserts that perfectly match the overall design of the headset. On the inside, lenses are placed. For comfortable use of xiaomi vr 2 there are inserts made of soft material, which absorbs moisture perfectly. Therefore, in the process of using the device on the face, there will be no sweat.

The remote control is not very functional, as it is equipped with only two buttons and a miniature touch panel.

Points of virtual reality will create a certain inconvenience for users wearing glasses because the design of the helmet does not allow to carry it along with the glasses. In general, the headset is pretty good, it fits perfectly on the head.


Technical parameters of Xiomi mi vr play 2 are quite good, unlike similar products of other companies, which have worse functionality and quality. The viewing angle is 103 degrees, and the weight of the helmet is 408 g. The headset is connected to the smartphone via the USB Type-C, so it can be used with few smartphones.

For accurate positioning is the qualitative nine-axis gyro xiaomi mi vr play 2, which accurately captures the movements of the head.


Software headset with full confidence can be called raw. To synchronize the headset with a smartphone install the application Mi VR Play. The translation is unofficial and incomplete, which complicates the work with the program somewhat.

Watching the video in the helmet is comfortable, but with the games there are problems. They either do not work as they should, r do not run at all. This problem occurs in almost all the owners of this helmet: some have difficulties associated with the incompatibility of the program with the firmware of the smartphone, while others can not connect to the server Mi VR Play, while the rest of the program just freezes. Users expect that Xiaomi programmers will eliminate all these software shortcomings.

If you need virtual reality glasses only for watching videos, then Mi VR Play 2 will be a good option, since the helmet allows you to view all formats of video downloaded from the Internet. In this case, the picture goes evenly – you will not see any twitching.

It should be noted, and automatically turn off Mi VR when connecting the headset to the smartphone.

Advantages and disadvantages

The helmet has a number of drawbacks. The headset has an ugly focusing of the lens, so you can not get the perfect image, because the focus periodically gets off, which makes the image blurry. This is indicated by a large number of reviews of the owners of this helmet.

In addition, a certain discomfort creates a fix for the phone. Although the smartphone and fixed in the helmet is pretty tight, but still, sometimes the screen of the gadget is scratched. That’s why you need to install the smartphone into the helmet with extreme caution.

Advantages of Xiaomi Mi VR2:

  • the design of the headset is completely copied from the PlayStation VR;
  • good quality of body and lens;
  • the remote control is provided;
  • high-precision gyro.

Disadvantages of the virtual reality helmet Xiaomi Mi VR2:

  • not very well thought-out fastening, as when installing a smartphone and a helmet are scratched;
  • periodically defocused lenses;
  • bad software;
  • compatible with a small number of smartphones.


In general, the virtual reality glasses have turned out to be ambiguous, since the hardware stuffing is quite good, but with the software, there are a lot of problems. It is damp and needs further work.

The first thing you can think about is that Xiaomi was developing the device in a short time, and because of this, it could not bring the device to its senses. The second thing that comes to mind is that the company does not pay due attention to software.

In any case, its low-cost gadget justifies. Xiaomi vr 2 can easily be called a good inexpensive VR-glasses.

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