Apple can add a new user tracking feature to the new iPhone. This is evidenced by a new patent, which was registered by the company.

The essence of technology in tracking the movement of the eye with the help of infrared cameras and mirrors. The infrared spectrum will be reflected from the eyes and used to be transferred to the cameras – so the device will be able to accurately determine the position of the eyes, writes phoneArena.

Analysts believe that this patent indicates the work of Apple over special glasses, but this is not necessarily so. Practical application of the technology can be found on the iPhone and iPad: it will minimize the number of gestures and control the device, for example, while driving a car. The true depth camera will host all the necessary sensors.

The work on tracking the eyes of the user Apple has been running since 2012. Then it was reported that the solution would involve a number of sensors, such as an accelerometer and a compass in combination with eye tracking technology. As a result, a completely unique model regarding the positions of the device and the user should be obtained, as well as a completely new approach to controlling the device.

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