Microsoft Word has become an assistant to the "black" miners

Microsoft Word has become an assistant to the “black” miners

 Microsoft Word has become an assistant to the "black" miners

Hackers who want to get hold of a cryptocurrency at someone else’s expense do not abhor any means, trying to use any, even the most questionable, loophole to access the power of other people’s computers. This time, the attackers used a new trick by placing in the Microsoft Word documents a cryptographic script that allows the cryptocurrency to be cleared using the processor of the infected computer.

The reason for the vulnerability was the possibility to insert a video from any site in the document without any filtering and preliminary verification. After inserting the embed-code video on the page in the document appears a window with a video that can be viewed. At the same time, a script was launched via Internet Explorer, which allows for crypt currency using the computer processor on which the video is running. At the same time, the CPU utilization reached 90 percent.

Due to the fact that the process of hidden production of cryptocurrency continues, while the video is being watched, it is completely unprofitable to embed small clips into documents. Only with video recordings lasting several hours, you can make something in this way, and short clips do not bring tangible income, – experts from the Israeli company Votiro, specializing in cybersecurity, say.

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Despite the absence of a serious threat to computers when mining through Microsoft Word, it must be recognized that the hidden extraction of cryptocurrency is becoming more sophisticated and very common way of earning.

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