Face recognition technology, which is the basis of Face ID, will help the creators of games to make their characters as realistic as possible without having to use the equipment to capture traffic. This is exemplified by the developers of the studio Next Games, working on creating a title with elements of augmented reality The Walking Dead: Our World.

To make the facial expressions of the characters similar to the facial expressions of living people, it was decided to develop a special tool that allows you to capture the movements of the face with the help of a TrueDepth camera, says Mikael Akron, creative director of Next Games. The obtained data are used to form emotions and hugs of the characters, making them more alive.

The motion-capture tool created by Next Games is impressive, recalls Andrew Webster, columnist for The Verge. “I personally watched as Mikael [Akren] used the front camera iPhone X to record movements of his face,” Webster says. – Then he transferred the record to his laptop, and I saw that his expression appeared in Daryl (the character of the universe “Walking Dead”). ”

The technology of motion capture is by no means new, but, as a rule, requires the use of special equipment and studio photography. Not all developers, especially beginners, have the opportunity to pay for the work of professionals in the field of motion capture. Experience Next Games proves that the iPhone X can replace all this, saving game developers a hefty amount of money.

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