Sales of new smartphones Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + from Samsung began at the end of last week, which means that it’s time to compare in the real test, whose camera photographs better – the flagship of the South Korean company or iPhone X.

The comparison was conducted by our colleagues from the portal MacRumors, which took a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 + and iPhone X, and then made with their help the same frames – so the difference between the pictures is most noticeable.

Despite the fact that the characteristics of the camera module for both smartphones are almost identical, the photos turned out to be completely different. In many respects the unique Samsung technology played a role – the device can boast a variable index of the aperture (from f / 1.5 to f / 2.4). With a variable aperture camera, it is easier to find a balance between light and image quality. With a wider aperture of f / 1.5, the Galaxy S9 + camera can transmit more light in low light conditions.

Almost all the images show that the S9 + camera can produce a sharper image with more details, but the colors of the iPhone X are warmer and more realistic.

Galaxy S9 + has a “Live Focus” mode, similar to the “Portrait” mode on the iPhone X, and the photo below compares both modes. In both cases, the images are far from ideal, but the smartphone from Samsung showed itself better in processing the edges of the object.

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