iPhone owners buy more apps than Android users

Despite the fact that Android remains the most popular mobile operating system in the world, owners of smartphones with an installed Google Play store are extremely reluctant to buy applications, preferring free analogs. In the last quarter, iOS users spent twice as much on applications as Google Play customers, according to App Annie.

In total, the App Store spent 11.5 billion dollars, while the same figure for Google Play barely exceeded $ 5 billion. The total number of downloaded applications in both stores (not including reinstallations and upgrades) reached 27 billion: 19 went to Google Play, the rest went to the App Store.

Compared to the previous year, store revenues from applications grew by 20% – their role was played by subscriptions that brought much more revenue. In early January, Apple began to allocate applications with a free trial period and subscriptions to a separate category. The corresponding section is called “Try for free” and is already available in the App Store.

Analysts believe that in the foreseeable future, Apple’s revenue from iPhone sales may be lost on the backdrop of the revenues that it brings branded services. In the last quarter, Apple’s revenue from iPhone sales was only 54.86%.

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