iOS 11 installed more than half of users of all devices

More than half of iOS devices as of November 6, 2017, are running the latest iOS 11. The corresponding information was shared by Apple on the App Store for developers.

This is the first time since the release of iOS 11 in September when Apple decided to reveal how many iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners actually installed the latest version of the operating system. IOS 10 now accounts for 38% of all devices, while the rest remains on earlier versions. Most likely, these are the devices that do not support upgrading to iOS 11

Compared to iOS 10, the new version is not so popular among users, but the recent update dramatically increased the number of devices with iOS 11 on board. iOS 11.1 introduced new emoji , returned the capabilities of 3D Touch, fixed a number of critical vulnerabilities.

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Apple released a new beta version of iOS 11.2 , which added the payment service Apple Pay Cash, which allows you to make money transfers directly to iMessage

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