Instagram is testing a hashtag subscription

Developers of the social network Instagram are testing an updated system of subscriptions with enhanced functionality, The Next Web reports. Thanks to it, users will be able to follow not only the specific authors but also the publications united by the selected hashtags.

At the time of this publication, the ability to subscribe to a hashtag is still in the preliminary testing stage and is only available to selected categories of users. When Instagram plans to make the innovation public, The Next Web does not specify

Subscribing to hashtags will be a new word in the development of Instagram, greatly simplifying the process of searching for publications on a particular topic. At the same time, the opportunity to subscribe to notifications will be available not only for photos and video materials but also gaining frenzied popularity of “Stories”.

All this, in turn, will invariably lead to an explosive growth in the popularity of beginning instablogerov, who probably will no longer have to pay for promotion to their more popular and successful colleagues. We’ll find out how the situation really is after the release.

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