How Wireless Charging Affects iPhone Battery

Wireless charging can lead to premature battery wear on your iPhone. In this author of the publication ZDNet Adrian Kingsley-Hughes was convinced on their own experience. According to him, he watched his smartphone for several months, following which he concluded about the negative impact that induction has on mobile device batteries.

First, the author remembers the position of Apple on this issue. “According to the manufacturer, the iPhone battery can carry at least 500 charge cycles before its capacity drops to 80%. This does not always happen. For example, my iPhone 6 Plus went through more than 800 cycles, and its battery capacity is still above 80%, “Kingsley-Hughes writes.

The number 500 was not taken from the ceiling. This number of cycles of charging passes the iPhone of the average user for exactly two years. According to Apple, by the time when the battery can no longer provide the same battery life, the smartphone will simply be replaced with a new one. But in the case of the iPhone, charged wirelessly, it will happen sooner, the journalist is indignant.

“In January, the number of charging cycles for my iPhone was slightly more than 90, and this is four months from the date of purchase,” the author says. – As of March, this figure has increased to 135. I suppose that by the time the smartphone will stay with me for exactly six months, the number of cycles will grow to 150, and in 18 months – to 450. This is the theory of two-year use is crumbling. “

According to Kingsley-Hughes, he does not use his current iPhone X to solve extreme problems that load the processor over and lead to premature battery discharge. The only explanation for the increased charging sessions is in induction, which, with all its advantages, causes irreparable damage to the smartphone, helping to get it out of the working state.

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