With the current economic situation and the constant rise in prices for equipment, many either postpone buying the iPhone “until better times”, or prefer flea markets, where you can often stay not only without a smartphone but without money. But there is another way to acquire a long-awaited gadget that allows you to buy a new iPhone (and not only) at minimal cost.

Surely many guessed that today it will be about installments. Due to the fact that around this method of buying there are a lot of myths, installment is not so popular in Russia as in other countries, so, first of all, we will try to eliminate the most frequent misconceptions about installments.

What is an installment plan?

In simple terms, it is an opportunity not to pay all the cost of the product at once but split it into equal parts, depending on how convenient the buyer is. The longer the period, the lower the payment.

And what is the benefit of a bank and a store?

Of course, no one bank will pay money for you, not having earned anything on it. In fact, in installments, the bank provides a loan with a minimum rate (by agreement with the store) – as a rule, 8-10% per annum. To the buyer did not have to pay these percentages, the store for its part provides an equivalent discount on the smartphone.

Therefore, the output is a purchase on credit without overpayment: the buyer within the selected time pays equal payments for the smartphone, the bank receives its interest from the store, and the store, in turn, implements the device. The scheme, beneficial for all.

By the way, with such a scheme of installments linked a small life – you can take the phone in installments, for example, for a year and … pay off it for a couple of months! In this case, you will still be in the black, since you will receive that discount 8-10%.


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