How to recover lost iMessage messages

No matter how wise Woland is in his rightness, but sometimes the manuscripts are still burning. As the iMessage messages burn, which we can in hearts or by carelessness remove from your iPhone or iPad. If you previously made a backup, then something else can be saved, but if not?

Then you have to resort to the help of various solutions for retrieving information from the device, which today is on the market a large number. One problem: where is the guarantee that after the upgrade of the trial version of the application to a paid developer, will it fulfill its promises and provide you with the functionality originally claimed in the description?

If you’ve been reading our site for a long time, then you probably know the product called PhoneRescue from iMobie. We boldly recommended it for extracting lost content, and now we recommend that you look at it if you need to restore deleted SMS messages and iMessage.

On your site developer writes that the application is able to pull deleted messages from the phone’s memory even if there was no backup of the system in iCloud or on the computer. In this case, if you download a trial free version, you can only see these messages, and only the full version can save them. We decided to buy it, install it and check if it really works as promised.

After launching PhoneRescue from you, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer and make sure that you do not have iTunes running. Next, you will be asked what specific action you want to perform.

The program can restore the system, fix iOS errors, create backups and recover from them. Our task this time is to check whether the application can recover messages that we previously completely removed.

The process has begun, we are waiting for several minutes. Of course, during the procedure, it is strictly recommended not to disconnect the mobile device from the computer.

Along with the correspondence, we saw that media files that were available in the form of attachments to messages were also subject to recovery. But this we would see in the demo version, now we are interested in the possibility of restoring these materials.

We click on the button in the lower right corner – and after a while, we get to the folder where everything that interests us is preserved. Correspondence is exported to a convenient HTML format, and photos and videos are located in a separate folder and are reproduced as if they did not pass through all these complicated machinations.

In general, if you are afraid that your correspondence on SMS and iMessage can get lost, and on no backups, you do not have to count, we strongly advise you to install the application PhoneRescue. We experienced it, and it really works.

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