Using the OLED display in the iPhone X not only affected the cost of the smartphone and the quality of the display of colors but also provided smartphone users with an additional power saving option – with the standard settings available on other iPhones, you can now improve battery performance. understood how to extend the battery life of the iPhone the X.

In addition to the traditional “Energy Saving Mode” in iOS, in iPhone X you can use the “Color inversion” option. In addition to the classical inversion, there is a smart inversion. It is considered a kind of analog of the “dark theme” for iOS: when the OLED display shows more black pixels than color ones, it consumes less energy.

Another trick associated with the display is the use of light filters. When you activate them, you can select “Grayscale”, which will also favorably affect the autonomous work of the smartphone. At the same time, numerous tests have shown that the OLED display consumes more power when displaying pure white. Both parameters can be found in Settings – General – Universal Access – Display Adaptation.

By the way, in “Universal Access” there is also a section “Quick Commands”, where you can configure quick access to color inversion and filters by triple-clicking the side button of the iPhone X.

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