Crowdfense – a company based in the United Arab Emirates, offers $ 3 million for any found “zero-day” vulnerability. First of all, it concerns platforms iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows.

What is a “zero-day vulnerability”?

These are errors in the software or malicious mechanisms of impact against which effective measures have not yet been developed. This allows you to use the vulnerability for your own personal use or while developing a tool for implementing Jailbreak.

Crowdfense, by the way, seems to follow a different approach. The company intends to work within the law, transferring all the exploits found to law enforcement agencies.

At the moment the company has a budget of 10 million dollars for future rewards. Who acted as an investor – not reported.
In 2016, Apple launched its own security program to identify such serious vulnerabilities as “zero days”. However, most of the hackers ignored this initiative. It’s all about the number of payments. Apple offers “only” $ 200,000 for a serious vulnerability, which is much less than its possible value on the black market.

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