Recently, we published an article on how to organize a workspace in the dock. Today we will look at another simple trick that will help display only active programs at a particular time.

Perhaps this way of organizing in the docking panel will seem to users much more understandable and convenient. As for the launch of applications, this can always be done through Spotlight or through desktop shortcuts.

Apple announced the release of iOS 11.4

How to activate this mode?

  1. Go to the Utility folder – start the “Terminal”. Or we find it through Spotlight.
  2. In the program window we have to enter the following command:
    defaults write static-only -bool true; killall Dock

3.The Dock will restart, and we’ll see that only currently active applications are displayed.


In order to cancel the changes, enter the command in the command window:

IOS 11.2.5 found new details about HomePod

New icons, which the developers discovered in the latest beta version of iOS 11.2 .5, provided an opportunity to learn about some previously unknown functions of the smart HomePod column. In particular, the owner will be able to create own scenarios for using the device, reports 9to5Mac.

So, users can configure the disabling of the phrase “Hi, Siri” or briefly make the voice assistant quieter. In some situations, the owner may wish to turn off this functionality. In addition, under the scenario of the “Party”, the column, acting as HomeKit’s home hub, will change the color of the lighting in the room, adjust the optimal temperature and “muffle” Siri.

By default, Siri in HomePod is in the constant activity mode, that is, the user just has to say the coveted phrase to gain access to the functions of the column. In the new version of iOS 11.2.5 developers managed to find out that HomePod will be able to recognize several voices of users at once. To do this, the latter must initially create a personalized account.

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