Google decided to rebrand the operating system for the smartwatch Android Wear and renamed it Wear OS, it follows from the materials of the official blog of the company. According to representatives of the search giant, not least this was done because of the users of iPhone, owning the third of all worn electronics based on Android Wear.

“As our technologies and relations with our partners are developing, our customers’ perceptions [of products] are changing,” the company said in a statement. “So, by the end of 2017, one third of the total number of users of devices running Android Wear are iPhone owners.”

Consumer interest in smartwatches based on Android Wear, or Wear OS, is explained by a wide range of models from different manufacturers. While Apple has been running Apple’s first-generation design for three consecutive years, competitors have radically changed the paradigm several times. Take at least the decisions of LG or Misfit, which at the same time have done a really great way.

iPhone is recognized as the safest smartphone

Analysis of the security of smartphones, conducted by researchers from SecurityLab, showed that Apple products are still beyond competition. Close to the development of the company from Cupertino, oddly enough, managed only Microsoft and two other manufacturers of devices based on Android OS – Google and Essential.

To become the undisputed leader of the Apple rating allowed several factors. The experts highly appreciated the company’s reaction to the detection of vulnerabilities, high speed of distribution of updates, a single release for all models, and software support for branded smartphones for a period of, as a rule, 5 years from the date of issue.

In the world of Android, unfortunately, everything is not so smooth. Even with industry leaders, adapting the same update for different models can take a whole year. Leaving much to be desired and their response to the emergency bugs, the correction of which often takes months, while the total software support is usually only 2 years.

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