Google introduced an experimental web game Emoji Scavenger Hunt, which is based on the technology of machine learning. The development uses the main smartphone camera and objects recognition algorithms to find real analogs of emoji located nearby.

The essence of the game is to find with the camera smartphone objects of the material world, outwardly reminiscent of the given emoji. The search for each object is given a limited time, so you will have to run fairly well before you find what the algorithms require of you.

In the process of searching Emoji Scavenger Hunt will sound all the items that fall into the camera lens. Despite the fact that the algorithms work imperfectly, in most cases they recognize the seen objects very accurately.

Experimental applications like this clearly show how the technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning can strengthen in our lives. So, the algorithms built into the Emoji Scavenger Hunt can help people with visual impairments learn a little more about the world around them.

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