Google released a new version of its Chrome browser for iOS , adding to the application the long-awaited function of exporting passwords. The updated version of the program (66) is already available in the App Store .

To access passwords, click on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the application, select “Settings” and click on “Passwords”. Export is available at the bottom, before starting the procedure, Chrome identifies you by Touch ID or Face ID (otherwise anyone could have access to the passwords).

After that, the passwords can be sent as a .csv file in “Messages”, by mail or other applications. The main thing is not to send passwords to anyone, because they will be open to anyone who opens the exported file (passwords are transmitted without encryption).

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In addition to the new feature, version 66 of Chrome for iOS was distinguished by fixing minor bugs and bugs. If you use this browser on a Mac or Windows, you can also try the mobile version.

Google launches an advanced competitor Apple Pay

Google officially launched Google Pay’s contactless payment service. This follows from the materials of the official blog of the company. The new product is designed to combine the capabilities of Android Pay and Google Wallet, giving users the opportunity to quickly and easily pay for goods and services.

Google Pay, being an integrated payment tool, will allow you to pay for purchases in physical retail and use bonuses, as well as offer the possibility of making money transfers between users and payment in online stores, including through Chrome.

Since Google Pay is designed to replace Android Pay, after the update the name and icon of the application will change, and users will be granted access to new features and tools. If you previously used Android Pay, you will not have to reattach the bank card again.

As for the security of payments, then, according to the developers, everything is at the highest level here. With contactless payment, instead of a card number, a smartphone with Google Pay support sends a virtual account number to the terminal. This allows you to minimize the chance of burglary of payment data.

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