Google approved the cloning of the iPhone X

Deciding to support the trend for the release of smartphones with asymmetric-shaped screens, Google released Android P with native support for the display recess. Now, mobile equipment manufacturers will not be able to spend time adapting the firmware, releasing to the market clones of the iPhone X with even greater speed.

Despite the obvious attempt to make “not like Apple”, the conceptual find of Google developers is completely repeating the decision of the company from Cupertino. For the sake of excavating the search giant even reduced the number of icons that can be placed in the status bar, and spread the clock and the battery charge level.

In addition, Google did not confine itself to a single notch but preferred to reconsider the appearance of the icons in the quick settings menu. That’s why in Android P Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, as well as the switch mode “In the plane” and other system functions have a rounded form – just like iOS, starting with version 7.0.

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