What gadgets for Apple devices showed on CES 2018

The annual exhibition of computer electronics CES 2018 was left behind, and although this time it was much more boring than usual, many companies presented interesting accessories, somehow related to Apple devices. Work with iOS is expressed mainly in support of HomeKit, so it’s very interesting to look at similar devices.

So, Philips has announced the expansion of a line of smart lamps that can work on the street – for example, on the balcony or veranda. In addition, the lamp can be synchronized, so that they react to what is happening in a computer game, in films or simply “play” in time with the music.

Nanoleaf introduced the Nanoleaf Remote controller, through which you can control intelligent lighting systems (in addition to the fact that the accessory is always available in the “Home” application). In addition, in the future, the company will begin to sell new square light panels, which can decorate the entire wall.

But the company Kohler and Moen showed something more interesting – faucets and shower systems that can be controlled by Siri and “Home” applications: turn on / off the water, adjust the light and sound presets to take a shower is even more fun.

An important event for the manufacturer of Belkin accessories within CES 2018 was the release of new wireless chargers for the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus . New charging looks stylish and minimalist.

Another long-awaited device was introduced by DJI – Osmo Mobile 2. The new stabilizer is cheaper, it is easier to manage, and boasts an extended battery life.

Developers have lost interest in the ARKit platform

In fact, this year manufacturers of compatible accessories with iOS-devices on the CES 2018 disappointed, since we did not see any really unusual devices.



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