First went: iPhone 8 Plus exploded while charging

On September 23, a Taiwanese woman named Wu became one of the first buyers of the iPhone 8 Plus. However, her joy was short-lived, since after only five days a new friend had greatly failed her.

The girl says that the iPhone showed 70 percent of the charge when she decided to recharge it. At the same time, she insists that she used the original Apple charger, not some kind of counterfeit.

After only three minutes, a slap sounded and the iPhone exploded, causing the display to separate from the back cover. Apple has not commented on the situation yet, but since history has flown around the world, the incident is likely to be thoroughly investigated.

If you are already going to buy an iPhone 8 or iPhone Plus, we advise you not to panic beforehand and refuse the order ahead of time. Still, need to find out the details of the incident. After all, we remember the story of how an Englishman was killed by an electric shock when he charged the iPhone 7 with the use of original accessories. Only he did it, sitting in a bath filled with water and putting the adapter on his chest.

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