The first smartphone with a diamond screen will be released next year

No matter how carefully the user treats his smartphone, his screen will eventually create chips and scratches. Even the presence of protective glasses, films, and special coatings does not save. Even persistent Gorilla Glass and sapphire glass from Apple sooner or later come into disrepair. But all can change the glass from artificial diamond, to test which has already started the American company Akhan Semiconductor.

The new glass was called Mirage Diamond Glass, and it is tested in the company’s laboratories in one of the smartphone models today. At the heart of the glass is a special structure of artificial diamonds, which in the production process is formed randomly. This prevents the formation of deep cracks and damage to materials under the coating itself. As the head of Akhan Semiconductor Adam Khan,

“The new Mirage Diamond Glass can be used alone or in combination with other types of coatings, including the widely known Gorilla Glass, acting as a top layer. Now the new technology is undergoing an active phase of testing, in which many large manufacturers of mobile electronics are involved. Now we carry out stress tests to make sure of the strength of the diamond glass and to make sure that it conducts electrical impulses well and does not interfere with recognizing touch. “

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Mirage Diamond Glass can be used on any device, but it will appear first on the smartphone, which is scheduled for release in 2019. Over time, new glass can begin to install on fitness bracelets, smartwatches and other electronics.

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