The developer could use HomePod without iPhone or iPad

Since HomePod does not have audio ports (and Bluetooth does not use it to transfer music ), you can connect to the column only with an iOS device – either by AirPlay or by “getting” an Apple Music account. We all waited for someone to circumvent this restriction, and one of the developers succeeded.

To do this, he used a small computer Raspberry Pi Zero W and a special web interface, reports MacRumors. In addition to power, an adapter was connected to the computer for connecting headphones and a microphone. Raspberry Pi acted as an intermediary between a third-party sound source and HomePod: the computer was given a command via the web interface, and he was already converting the source format to AirPlay.

That’s what the created design looked like:

As you can see in the photo, you can connect a portable audio player (or Android-smartphone via Bluetooth) to the Raspberry Pi using an adapter, after which the computer will send the stream to HomePod in a clear column format. True, the quality of sound with such an intermediary, of course, noticeably decreases.

This development looks more like entertainment for geeks than a real solution to the incompatibility of HomePod with third-party devices.

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