The topic of crypto currency and mining (mining) is now so popular that even in the App Store, the applications associated with it are in the lead. And if until recently, the production of crypto currency was carried out mainly with the help of video cards, enthusiasts began to use for the mining of the iPhone.

How to mine on iPhone

One of the developers has created the application MobileMiner – with its help iOS-devices with 64-bit processors can produce crypto currency. To install, you do not need to hack the device – just create the appropriate project in Xcode and download the iOS App Signer. Nevertheless, an easy installation is not called, so if you are not sure of your abilities, it’s better not to try. For the rest, 9to5Mac prepared detailed instructions.

The developer advises obtaining crypto-currencies on the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or iPhone X, as the capacities of these smartphones will be enough for mining, whereas with the devices of past generations there can be difficulties. Of course, this process has a very negative effect on autonomous work, not to mention the wear of the processor, so Apple is unlikely to be delighted with such use of the iPhone’s capabilities.

Bitcoin-purse became the most downloaded in the App Store

How much can you earn on mining with iPhone?

If you earn 24/7, you can earn about $ 13 a month or $ 156 a year – compared to the usual mining on video cards, this is quite a bit, so it’s unlikely to use the iPhone for such purposes.

If you are interested in mining on video cards, then we suggest reading the article about assembling and setting up a mining farm for mining Ethereum.

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