Cellebrite found a way to hack iPhone based on iOS 11
Cellebrite found a way to hack iPhone based on iOS 11
Cellebrite found a way to hack iPhone based on iOS 11

Cellebrite found a way to hack iPhone based on iOS 11

Experts from Israeli company Cellebrite, who helped the US authorities unlock the iPhone arrow from San Bernardino, found a new way to bypass the protection of smartphones running iOS 11, learned Forbes. According to the publication, the method of hacking was discovered in November last year and successfully tested on the iPhone X in a joint campaign with the US Department of Homeland Security.

Despite the fact that Cellebrite does not speak directly about flaws in the operating system, the exploitation of which will allow for hacking, Forbes knows that the company is actively advertising its find among intelligence agencies around the world. The only open source that contains indirect evidence that hackers really managed to find a breach in the security system -information booklet for potential customers of the organization. It says that Cellebrite has the skills of hacking all versions of iOS, including iOS 11.

A US law enforcement official confirmed to Forbes the skills of Israeli experts on hacking iOS 11. He specified that the order keepers had already turned to Cellebrite with a request for paid assistance in the extraction of data from the iPhone 8, which could prove useful for the investigation of an unnamed case. No doubt, says the source of the publication, that the iPhone X is also subject to hacking. The experience of the police department in the city of Grand Rapids confirms this.

Israeli contract Cellebrite is a kind of low-cost in the field of hacking services. According to Forbes, the price of one hacked iPhone varies between $ 1,500, which is more than affordable, given that the cost of some iOS vulnerabilities on the black market can reach a million dollars.

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How to extend the battery life of the iPhone X

Using the OLED display in the iPhone X not only affected the cost of the smartphone and the quality of the display of colors but also provided smartphone users with an additional power saving option – with the standard settings available on other iPhones, you can now improve battery performance. AppleInsider.ru understood how to extend the battery life of the iPhone the X.

In addition to the traditional “Energy Saving Mode” in iOS, in iPhone X you can use the “Color inversion” option. In addition to the classical inversion, there is a smart inversion. It is considered a kind of analog of the “dark theme” for iOS: when the OLED display shows more black pixels than color ones, it consumes less energy.

Another trick associated with the display is the use of light filters. When you activate them, you can select “Grayscale”, which will also favorably affect the autonomous work of the smartphone. At the same time, numerous tests have shown that the OLED display consumes more power when displaying pure white. Both parameters can be found in Settings – General – Universal Access – Display Adaptation.

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