Bitcoin-purse became the most downloaded in the App Store

The course bitkoyna so rapidly grows the last few weeks, that this is probably not heard only lazy. December 7, the Crypto-currency has already passed through the mark of 17 thousand dollars, and it seems that this is far from the limit. “Fever” got to the App Store , as many crypto-currency wallets are releasing their applications.

So, the most downloaded application in the American App Store was Coinbase – a popular bitcoin-purse. If a month ago the program was on the 400th place in the app’s topology, now it has bypassed the downloads of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and others. For the App Store in the US, where social networks reign, this is a rarity.

For the year, the bitkoy’s rate grew by 2000% – from 800 dollars it went up to an unthinkable 17,550 dollars. According to analysts’ forecasts, the Crypto currency can reach the mark of $ 100,000, so it’s only a matter of time.

November 30 in the App Store there was an application called MyEtherWallet – supposedly from the creators of the popular among users crypto currency of the same name Ethereum-purse. As it turned out, the new program has nothing to do with the developers of MyEtherWallet and is fraudulent . With the help of its counterfeit application developers could access the crypto-currency wallets of users.

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