Asus has developed lenses that mask the space between monitors

Output images from video games directly to multiple monitors (most often – three) has become common for many modern gamers. But the frames around the displays do not create the most pleasant picture gap, interfering and distracting from the game process. Eyes every now and then stumble on these intervals, which somewhat greases pleasant impressions. And in the company, Asus perfectly understand that with this phenomenon you need to somehow fight. That’s why the company’s engineers have developed special lenses that can disguise the space between the monitors and their frames.

Lenses were released not by the company Asus, but its division, specializing in the creation of various gaming devices – Republic of Gamers. A set of two unusual devices is called the Bezel-free Kit and consists of two overlaid vertical lenses with holders that are placed between three monitors located closely to each other. Lenses refract light in such a way as to make the monitor frames invisible to the user, thereby merging the image from three screens into one whole picture.

It should be borne in mind that the angle between the monitors should be 130 degrees – this requirement is necessary for correct refraction of light. No additional software is required for the lens and it works “out of the box”: it’s just got it, fixed it on the monitors and you enjoy the new frameless life. Asus claims that the lenses are compatible not only with its own monitors but also with the monitors of most modern manufacturers. While the cost of the devices was not mentioned, as well as the date of their appearance on the market, the manufacturer assures that this will happen in 2018.

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