There is almost no doubt that in the future artificial intelligence will help humanity in many areas of activity. But some AI functions can already perform. And not for free. The Israeli company Zebra Medical Vision recently introduced Zebra AI1 (or simply Zebra-Med), which analyzes the results of CT, MRI and other images for diagnosis. The conclusion of the robot is passed on to the doctors in order for them to make the final decision.

AI is already able to automatically detect 11 different diseases, and by the end of 2017, their number should increase to 17. Among the pathologies that a robot can detect are lung cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, blood vessels, and brain trauma. As an example, the authors give a study to identify the accumulation of calcium in the coronary arteries. As the developers say,artificial intelligence

“In order to train the system of deep machine learning, we used a lot of high-quality images provided by hospitals that collaborated with the project. In experiments with hundreds of images of computed tomography, AI demonstrated 95% of correctly diagnosed diagnoses. In addition, Al1 is integrated into radiological information systems (RIS) and image sharing systems (PACS), which are used in medical institutions in the United States, Britain and other countries. The cost of one study with the help is only 1 US dollar. “

It is worth noting that Zebra AI1 is not the only robot-doctor. Not so long ago IBM also trained its IBM AI Watson to analyze various images like X-ray, CT and MRI, on the basis of which Watson is also able to draw conclusions about the presence of diseases.

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