ARKit is a set of tools that is the newest view of the concept of augmented reality. Development was made possible by Apple employees. This product should become an excellent tool for application developers.

With its help, the device’s camera monitors and helps determine the surfaces, then this tool carries out all the calculations that are associated with the detailed construction of all the shadows and position changes when the camera moves. Arkit will work under iOS 11. Developers provided support for Arkit Unity.

ARKit: the present and the future

Products that will be written with the help of Arkit, will be able to launch on devices equipped with a set of processors of groups A9 and A10. The list of accompanied devices will include iPhone and iPad devices.

The developers reacted to the new product Arkit very positively. Head of the marketing department of Apple products Greg Jozwiak shared that the reaction was incredible. He also believes that in the world there are millions of devices iPad and iPhone, the development of applications for which will give creators many new features that will be very useful to use.

What functions can be implemented with this useful development? How can this be used in modern society?

A set of tools will now allow you to develop applications for performing such tasks:

  1. Applications for linear measurements.
  2. Drawing in three-dimensional space.
  3. A variety of games.
  4. Interactive applications.
  5. Placement of models of objects on any terrain.

The scope of this framework is very wide. All spheres of human life, where a camera, motion sensor, lighting can be used, can be used in the development of applications.

The world famous company IKEA was very interested in this product because it will create a virtual catalog of products, which can include more than 2,500 items. The application will allow placing the objects of the interior immediately after the camera on the iPhone takes a picture of the room. Objects so harmoniously fit into space and are displayed on the processed photo, as if they have been standing there for a long time.

For the average user, everything will be simple enough – select the applications that he wants to download, and install 7 or other iOS 11-based devices on his iPhone, and use them.

The development and implementation of Arkit is a big and bold step forward for the development of AR-technology.

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