Apple will stop supporting iTunes Store on Apple TV of the first generation and computers with Windows XP / Vista on board. The corresponding document was published by the company at the end of last week.

According to MacRumors, since May 25, the owners of the above-mentioned devices will not be able to use the iTunes Store. Apple says it’s a forced measure, as new security changes are not compatible with these devices. In this second generation of Apple TV (and newer) will continue to work with the iTunes Store.

Apple TV was first introduced in 2007. Then at the heart of the set-top box was a conventional hard drive. Only in 2010, the company updated the device, making it more compact due to the SSD-drive.

As for the PC with Windows XP / Vista, their compatibility is limited by the utility iTunes 12, which requires the installed operating system Windows 7 and newer. Since May 25, users of computers with these systems will not be able to make new purchases or re-download previously purchased content in the iTunes Store

Apple may abandon iTunes in favor of Apple Music in 2019

Apple can definitively refuse the sale of music through iTunes, forcing users to subscribe to Apple Music, the resource of Digital Music News reports with reference to sources close to the company. The interlocutors of the publication noted that the planned transition will take place in several stages and will be completed by 2019.

It is reported that all users who will be forcibly transferred to Apple Music will receive three months of free access to the service for review, as well as an unlimited opportunity to listen to previously purchased songs. According to sources from Digital Music News, the platform change will take place in the so-called “smart way”.

“The strategy of phasing out [from iTunes] in favor of Apple Music, according to a source familiar with the situation, provides for a” smart “procedure for moving from one platform to another, – reports Digital Music News. “According to the information at our disposal, the company integrates the database of downloaded songs into Apple Music accounts.”

It is interesting that Apple itself categorically disagrees with the proposed forecasts and denies its involvement in the leakage of a possible replacement of one platform for another. At the request of journalists 9To5Mac about plans for the further development of iTunes, company representatives denied rumors about the closure of the same store with the subsequent transition to streaming.

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