Apple will allow Apple Music to be used in third-party

In the future, Apple plans to allow third-party developers to use music from Apple Music in their applications. This indicates the registration of a company from Cupertino trade mark “MusicKit”. Documentary evidence of this was found in the database of the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States and Canada.

A closed presentation of the MusicKit toolkit took place at the WWDC 2017 conference. During the event, Apple showed developers how they could embed the Apple Music API into their own application’s interface, thereby allowing users to search through the catalog and manage playback.

In addition, as it was noted at the presentation, thanks to the wide possibilities of MusicKit, users who are not yet Apple Music subscribers will be able to pay for a subscription to the service or make a trial period without having to leave the open application. Apple will follow the developers, and therefore the risk of making a “left” payment is excluded.

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