Apple Watch will learn to manage household appliances

The consumer electronics maker Whirlpool announced the development of an application for Apple Watch that will allow it to manage more than 20 devices, including washing machines, dryers, and ovens. Thanks to the new program, the clock will turn into a real hub to control all the appliances in the house.

The proprietary Whirlpool application will be an indispensable tool when dealing with home appliances, company representatives say. With it, you can adjust the temperature in the oven, change the washing modes and control the drying cycles directly from your wrist.

It is reported that this application, presented at the CES in Las Vegas, will be available to Apple Watch users of all generations this year. Currently, developers are testing individual program functions, adjusting and optimizing their work.

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The interest of consumer electronics manufacturers in creating applications for Apple Watch can give the watch serious prospects. In this case, the gadget, as a rule, used only as a pedometer or receiver of notifications, is even more popular among consumers.

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