Apple Watch became the most popular portable device in the world

Despite the emergence of new models of smartwatches on the market, Apple Watch continues to be a leader, rapidly increasing its share. Analysts from IDC counted how many hours Apple sold last quarter, and the results of their research surprised everyone.

So, if in the fourth quarter of 2016 there were sold slightly more than five million Apple Watch, then exactly one year later this figure reached eight million devices. Compared to 2016, the growth was almost 60% – and this is almost the record of the entire market of portable electronics.

If in 2016, Apple was only in third place in the number of realized smart hours (after Fitbit and Xiaomi), this time I was able to bypass everyone. Sales of almost all other manufacturers fell sharply, and only Huawei increased its share twice. True, from 2.4% to 4.3%.

According to experts, every second worn device sold last quarter was Apple Watch, and none of the competitors can even come close to this figure. Apple itself still has not disclosed how much it sold smartwatches.

Nike has released new Apple Watch

We have already got used to the fact that the new smart clock with the “apple” logo is presented only in Apple, but some companies have the advantage of producing their own special versions of Apple Watch, and not just thongs. This was taken advantage of by Nike, which announced the release of the limited version of smartwatches from Apple.

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The Apple Watch Series 3 Midnight Fog with the LTE module is a special accessory designed for sports (mostly running). The watches have an exclusive strap and are also optimized for working with the Nike app for athletes. The company also positions the new Apple Watch as an important accessory for the Air VaporMax, which will soon be available.

Soon after the announcement of the clock, Nike in the Apple online store had this special version of Apple Watch at a price of $ 399.

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