Apple started selling the restored Apple Watch Series

Apple watch began selling the restored Apple Watch Series 3 in its official online store. This is the first time that the restored version of the device from Apple appeared so soon after the release – Series 3 was first introduced six months ago.

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For purchase, while only the version of smart clocks with GPS is available – the restored model with support for LTE is not sold yet. For a simple modification, Apple provides a discount of $ 50, which corresponds to 13-15% of the original cost of the device. In the Russian store there is no restored version – as a rule, they appear a little later, but only for resellers.

In early February, Apple began selling the restored models of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Both smartphones are also available for purchase at the American online store of the company’s remanufactured devices.

Like the iPhone, the restored Apple Watch are subject to a factory restoration procedure, which results in the strictest quality control to identify possible malfunctions. Such devices receive a new display, a case, and an annual warranty.

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