On the night of March 26 to March 27, Apple released the seventh beta version of macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 for registered developers. The update can be downloaded from the Developer Center on the company’s official website or through the update mechanism available in the Mac App Store.

The seventh beta, obviously, is the final one, does not have significant differences from previous assemblies. The update includes support for cloud messages, business chats, as well as new wallpapers previously available only on iMac Pro, a renamed iBooks application and a reminder to migrate to 64-bit software.

In addition, it is expected that the release version of macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 will increase the performance of compatible devices and eliminate system bugs and vulnerabilities. The release of a public update, according to tradition, should take place already this evening.

Apple announced the iOS 11.3 output with a performance control mode

In Cupertino already working on the creation of iOS 11.3, it follows from the materials of the official website of the company. The update will be released this spring and, in addition to standard fixes and performance improvements, will include advanced ARKit capabilities, cards in the Health application and performance monitoring mode.

The most important innovation of the update will be the function of monitoring the state of the battery. It will be available to owners of all models of the iPhone, starting with the sixth generation. Thanks to this innovation, users will always be aware of the level of deterioration of the battery.

The logical continuation of the described function is the performance management mode. As promised by Tim Cook, with her help, users will be able to choose between the longer battery life of the smartphone or its speed. The mode also appears on the iPhone 6 and newer models.

The second of the most notable innovations will be support for ARKit 1.5 moving horizontally and animated objects. With their help, museums will be replenished with interactive exhibits, and furniture stores will be able to demonstrate to their customers how the sofa is laid out or the cabinet is assembled.

The introduction of ARKit has made iOS the world’s largest platform for augmented reality, according to a published press release. In iOS 11.3, Apple will continue to develop this technology, offering developers even more exciting features and new, unprecedented tools to create AR-compatible software.

Also, iOS 11.3 will bring support for business chats. Thanks to them, users can directly contact the support of a number of companies through messages. Obviously, initially, the innovation tested by the representatives of Discover, Wells Fargo, Hilton and Lowe’s will be available only in the US.

In addition, four new animoji are expected to be introduced in the form of a lion, a dragon, a bear and a skull. As before, images that copy the facial expressions of users will be available only to the owners of the iPhone X. The company plans to adapt the animoji for the rest of its smartphones, unfortunately, some were not announced.

One can not fail to note the appearance of medical records in the “Health” application, which will be synchronized between medical institutions.

Among other things, we note the support for Apple Music music video clips, the revised algorithms for tape formation in the News application, some improvements in the security system of devices supporting the HomeKit platform, and the automatic sending of the location (AML) for emergency calls.

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