Apple published a team to work with HomePod|Technotechi

The first customers have already begun to receive a HomePod wireless speaker, and in the iOS tips, there are already useful commands for working with the new Apple device. The list of the commands becomes available within 30 minutes after pairing the HomePod and the iOS device.

To start communicating with Siri in HomePod, you need to say “Hi, Siri”. The upper part of the column will start to glow – this means that she listens carefully to you. Even when playing music.

To make it louder or quieter, you just need to ask Siri for it or use the instruments to control the volume on top of the speaker. HomePod will play for you any song, album, genre or collection of tracks under the mood – you just have to ask Siri about it. The base of tracks “pulls” out of 40 million songs available in Apple Music.

HomePod can also tell you about the weather outside the window. The command is the same as for the iPhone. In addition, there is an opportunity to learn the latest news of indexes and securities.

In general, almost all HomePod commands are identical to those for other iOS devices, since Siri is used for controlling the column. Similarly, you can ask to send a message or learn about restaurants nearby. Of the interesting features, it’s worth mentioning only the voice tuning of the tracks that you want to listen to next.

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