Apple is investigating an AirPods ignition case

Despite its compactness and a minimum of internal components, AirPods can explode no worse than a damaged battery, said the resident of the Florida town of Tampa Jason Colon to the local edition of WFLA. According to him, one of the headphones smokes for no reason when listening to music.

Colon was in the gym when he noticed that one of the headphones was suddenly smoking. He decided to stop the exercise, removed the accessory from his ear and went for help. When Colon returned, the right earpiece was literally torn to shreds, and in some areas of his body were clearly visible traces of the flame.

“I did not watch it happen, because the earpiece was already burnt when I returned,” says Colon. – The damage caused by the flame is clearly visible in the photo. I do not even know what would have happened to my ear [if I had not pulled the earpiece on time], but, I do not doubt that, my lobe would be seriously burned. ”

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This case is the first for more than a year and a half of AirPods presence on the market. Even if we admit that all of the above is the purest truth without any fiction, the owners of branded Apple headphones have no reason to try this situation on themselves. Otherwise, you too can become the hero of the news chronicle.

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