Apple commented on the delayed launch of HomePod

The delayed launch of HomePod, unfertilized by the beginning of 2018, frustrates the company’s employees, admitted Phil Schiller . Despite the fact that in Cupertino were very much hoping to release the column on sale before the New Year holidays, the engineers took a little more time to bring the product to perfection.

“We are really very sorry that we were unable to start delivering HomePod before the [New Year] holidays,” Schiller told the Dutch edition of “However, we intend to spend extra time, which we had to take, with profit and make sure that everything works as originally intended.”

According to him, the delay in deliveries will be more than offset by the capabilities of HomePod, which can act as a hub for managing the house. So, entering the room where there is HomePod, you can ask him to turn on the light or, for example, close the curtains. “HomePod will be your intermediary in the management of a” smart “home,” Schiller summed up.

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