The wireless charging technology from Apple, when electricity is transmitted over a considerable distance, can debut in the next year, the journalists of VentureBeat are sure. In their arguments, colleagues refer to the company’s new patent, published on the website of the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent documentation describes a special method of converting electricity into radio waves, taken by a special receiver built into the smartphone. Thus, compatible devices can be charged, even at a considerable distance from the power adapter that transmits electricity.

The technology described strongly resembles the recent invention of the start-up Energous Corporation, more described on the pages of In a nutshell, the engineers of the company developed a similar system from the emitter and receiver, which serves to transmit energy at a distance of up to one meter.

The most interesting thing in this story, notes VentureBeat, that Apple is one of the startup investors, obviously, counting on dividends from such sponsorship. And given that the development of Energous Corporation has already been registered with the Federal Communications Commission, there are reasons to believe that it will form the basis of the next iPhone.

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