Despite the fact that modern smartphones have become very functional and useful devices, they still have one significant drawback: battery life. And if you create and introduce a new type of high-capacity battery on the market is difficult, why not come up with a device that would charge existing batteries in 5 minutes? This is exactly what the developers from the American company Elecjet have done.

According to the publication Digital Trends, experts from Elecjet managed to create the world’s first portable USB-C-battery, which can charge smartphones, tablets, and laptops in a record short time. The battery supports charging in the range of 5 to 60 watts. As the tests showed, with the help of the new device, the fully discharged iPhone X and iPhone 8 are charged in 90 minutes, and the less capricious iPhone 5, 6, 7 and SE require charging in just 5-10 minutes. As stated by one of Elecjet’s employees Wade Lam,

A key feature of the project is a battery based on graphene, manufactured by our partner CellsX, which has 13 years specializing in the production of composite batteries based on graphene. Graphene provides ultra-fast charging of your devices. The battery can fully charge your device while you are drinking coffee, in addition, you will also always have a laptop outlet in your pocket. ”

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